Cold Canapes & Crostini

Asparagus wrapped in parma ham

Avocado and egg mayonnaise crostini V

Bacon and mozzarella quiche

Bagna cauda, sweet pepper and anchovy

Beef carpaccio crostini

Beetroot polenta cakes | VEGAN

Black olive, anchovy and basil crostini

Burrata and beef tomato crostini V

Caprese skewer V

Classic Bruschetta | VEGAN

Crispy bacon and sweet pepper crostini

Fennel root and orange crostini | VEGAN

Grilled aubergine, crispy vegetable roulade | VEGAN

Marinated roast vegetable skewer | VEGAN

Mushroom and parsley quiche

Nduja sausage, fresh chili and rosemary crostini

Smoked salmon tartar in cucumber

Sweet chili prawn cocktail

Cold Fillers

Beetroot, tomato and lettuce slider V

Blue cheese and apple chutney in rye bread V

Chives and chili cabbage relish in Asian steamed bun | VEGAN

Classic BLT focaccia

Grilled chicken, bacon and paprika mayo wrap

Herbed tofu and grilled portobello mushroom in rye bread | VEGAN

Paprika chicken and Greek yoghurt in focaccia

Porchetta, romesco sauce in Asian steamed bun

Porchetta, scamorza and honey mustard wrap

Pumpkin falafel and hummus slider V

Roast beef and mustard in focaccia

Roast beef, horse radish and pickles wrap

Roasted vegetable, paprika aioli in focaccia

Smoked chicken and rucola slider

Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese wrap

Sweet and sour veggies, crispy onions in Asian steamed bun | VEGAN

Tomato and hummus in rye bread | VEGAN

Tuna pate and lettuce in slider

Warm Fillers

Crispy beef, hickory BBQ sesame sauce in Asian steamed bun

Fish fillet and tartar sauce slider

Mini flame grilled beef burger, classic BLT, smoked scamorza and tomato chutney

Sticky hoisin duck, cucumber and leek in Asian steamed bun

Warm Food

Baby jacket potato, garlic butter V

Beef kofta, mint yoghurt

Beef meatballs in rosemary gravy

Camembert fritters, honey mustard V

Crispy curry prawn tempura

Lamb spiced samosas

Mini beef ragu arancini

Mushroom vol-au-vents V

one80 sausage roll

Pastizzi - Peas

Pastizzi - Cheese

Smoked mozzarella bites, lime ginger mayo V

Spicy vegetable spring rolls | VEGAN

Thai chicken kebab cup

Mini Desserts

Apple cinnamon tart

Baby tiramisu

Broken cannolo cup, chopped chocolate and nuts

Chocolate and nuts profiteroles

Chocolate tart with berries

Fruit flan

Honey and orange zest profiteroles

Lemon Meringue

Milky chocolate mousse, strawberry tartar

Peanut butter and crushed banana cookie cup

Seasonal fruit skewer | VEGAN

White chocolate cheesecake semifreddo